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Customize training and consultancy, CTC, founded in 2009 by group of IT working professionals in the field of SAS analytics to help upcoming professionals to get the right and Industry oriented training and give them a leverage that can help them land up in good profile job with corporate sector. CTC is not a coaching center rather its group of individuals passionate for teaching on part time basis providing real time application based trainings on profile basis. The aim of CTC is to focus on learning and upliftment of client’s professional career. Its a no-profit oriented organization proving best in class profile based application training as per the individual client’s requirement.

The whole idea behind setting up CTC was that it won’t be just another commercialized training center in town where students are just taught for making money without even realizing their actual need of it. Rather we felt a very strong need from someone in the market to providing right training to right people. Profile analysis is the first and very important part of any training program. SAS or the field of Analytics is not fit for everyone. So in CTC the effort is put with every individual client, because to us every individual client matters. We first analyze the profile of client in detail and then provide the best possible training path for the client. There can be a case when we would tell the client not to go for the training if we feel that he won’t get professional benefit after getting training from us so that he can invest his time and money somewhere else which might actually help him.

It feels so much pleasure and sense of achievement when we say with that at CTC for more than six years we have been able to maintain 100% client satisfaction. It is because of our sheer dedicated attitude towards teaching and the quality training with updated industry oriented applications. This is evident from the fact that we are one of the oldest training institute in SAS in NCR , training since 2009 with clients in almost every major organization in NCR and we get 80% of our new clients from our existing client referrals. Our statics and numbers are alone sufficient to prove that.

We have extensive experience in both industry and in training, with proven track record. We have oriented over 5000 clients, trained 1600+ clients , with high satisfaction and continuing this journey. We have trained clients from every major organization of NCR in last six years. In fact from almost all of the big organizations like RBS, Genpact, Amex , Exl , Aon Hewitt, Mercer, UHG, E&Y, Bank of America, Global Logic we have long chains of referrals of upto 80 people.

A small aim of helping few people and getting them placed in SAS profiles, has turned into a vision. The vision is to help more and more budding professionals by imparting the right industry oriented training in cost effective manner bundled with industry application and concepts catering to client’s individual profile.

In last five years we have helped so many clients to achieve their aspirations and felt the pulse of this training industry. We feel sorry to admit but education is becoming more and more of a money making industry with dearth of ethical and professional conduct. Every year we come across so many unsatisfied people who have been just misguided and cajoled into spending worth less money and time in the name of the training by these coaching centres in the city. Of course some institutes are good and honest too but those are very scarce. At CTC we had a vision to start a new era of training – “Customer Centric training”, we call it. In which customer gets the best in class training at the minimal price and in non–risk manner with money back option. At CTC you are trained in way as if you are the only client in the batch, to get the maximum individual attention. Because frankly, every individual has different profile and pace of learning and we therefore customize our training as per your need. Our batches have maximum of 10 students, mostly batches with average of just 6-7 students to enable best learning experience. We start batches more frequently than rather have a larger group batch, this helps us to manage the counts per batch and provide effective training.


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